Our Story

Who We Are

As an introduction, the TUSAN brand is fully managed by RBI Marketing Sdn Bhd, founded by two young people, Mr. Roydy Bin Ismail and his partner, Mr. Adam Pitt Keling Anak Buma. They are very ambitious and wanted the brand to be known throughout Sarawak. TUSAN brand was named after Tusan Beach Miri.

Tusan Beach is a well-known tourist attraction roughly 30 minutes away from Miri, Sarawak. Tusan Beach is known as “The Blue Tears” Beach and is famous for its unique “Horse Head Drinking Water”. In early the year 2020, the famous cliff was collapsed, but our brand will maintain the name of TUSAN throughout Malaysia.

Our Growth

TUSAN is known for its famous drink, Coconut shake, followed by our signature ice cream in a pure coconut shell. Starting in November 2017, TUSAN has three branches in Miri, located in Permyjaya, Marina and a kiosk in Permaisuri Mall.

In the year 2019, Tusan Ice Cream has extended its branches in Bintulu, Kuching and Sibu. TUSAN has attracted a lot of customers, especially from foreign tourists, Bruneian and local customers.

Our Vision

Apart from that, TUSAN ICE CREAM dreams of building the most prominent local ice cream shop network in Malaysia. RBI Marketing Sdn Bhd targets 20 branches across Sabah and Sarawak over the next three years.

Our Recognition

The awards celebrate and promote excellence in social responsibility and our brand expansion. We are happy to have our sweet delicacies assessed by the global industry’s best and be recognised for our quality products.
Anugerah Usahawan Harapan Lelaki

Anugerah Usahawan
Harapan Lelaki

Kategori Belia 2019
Food & Beverage  Industry Malaysia

Food & Beverage
Industry Malaysia

Top 100 Young CEO 2020
Most Valuable Brand of the Year 2020

Most Valuable Brand of the
Year 2020

SEBA Awards
Excellence InDessert Beverages

Excellence In
Dessert Beverages

Malaysia Excellence Business Awards 2021




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