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Tusan drinks and ice creams has been everyone's favourite. Tusan ice creams is made by raw natural ingredients under SOP standard and system to control the quality at time. Tusan ice creams is made by milk and low fat for children, the taste is not too sweet and do not take in excessive quantities.

Tusan also provides a daily basic drinks with great choices and good quality.

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About Tusan

Established in 2017, at Miri Sarawak by two teenagers. Started selling from canopy, they only selling ice cream and coconut shakes.

Tusan brand started with a fast food concept for convenience in making order. First branch was opened in Permyjaya, Miri with minimum cost. Within 3 years up to today there are five branches in Miri. Tusan is planning to open 30 outlets and to be grow to as nationwide in 2021. Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia in 2022.

Tusan brand is registered under RBI Marketing Sdn Bhd in 12 October 2016. Tusan provides Halal raw ingredients, clean and followed by terms and condition.

Avocado Smoothie

Using fresh avocado fruits special for avocado smoothie lover

Mango Shake

with fresh mango fruit topping.

Coconut Shake Series

Original, Strawberry, Chocolate, Wheatgrass, Caramel, Gula Apong, Durian Icecream

Cendol Shake Series

Cendol Shake & Cendol shake with durian icecream

Tusan Shake Series

Green Tea Latte, Red Tea Latte Chocolate Latte, Double Chocolate

Tusan Ice Cream

Coconut, Green Tea, Mango, Durian, Chocolate, Yam

Drive Thru Services

Tusan is proud to present its own Drive Thru Service. This is the first Tusan Drive Thru ever in Sarawak that is located in Krokop, Miri. Tusan has a strong community not just in Miri but also throughout Sarawak. Thus, Tusan has decided to take the opportunity to build a stop where people can just buy their favourite drinks through the drive-thru.


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Whatsapp Message : +6019-453 6303 ( Mon - Fri, 10am-5pm )
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